Researchers Made a Self Lubricating Condom That Can Withstand ‘1,000 Thrusts’

For years , Bill Gates, the richest person in the world, has run the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for a long time. This foundation provides a grant of grants for the betterment of people’s lives in any region, anywhere. He also gave a grant to Boston’s University of America. Grant aimed to make a better and revolutionary condom!

Yes, yes, you have read correctly. Bill Gates gave the full 74 lakh grant for condoms of men’s contraceptive equipment used for safe sexual intercourse. The purpose was to create a stronger and more lubricating condom. After extensive research, researchers from Boston University have prepared condoms that are self-lubricated. This means that the skin becomes automatically generated while wearing it. Also, it is so strong that even after anesthetizing it, if the attly 1000 times it feels ‘shocking’ it still does not break. Talking is a bit cheaper, but it is very serious.

Researchers have made polymer coating condoms, which have used profifactic materials. The specialty of this polymer-based material is that it produces a thin covering of water while exposed to the skin, which automatically generates viscosity. This process is called ‘Hydrophilia’ in the scientific language. Simply put, this material draws water toward itself like a magnet like a magnet.

Researchers prepared such condoms and tested it on people. 73% of people admitted that these new condoms were available in the market, and latex had more viscosity than condoms, and this increased their sexual pleasure.

Researchers have said that this condom can burn up to 1000 ‘thrombosis’. Normal sexual intercourses include 100 to 500 spears. The fact that these condoms are very strong.

This whole research is fantastic, but its purpose is absolutely Sirius and Clear. If people are self-lubricating, natural and strong yet inexpensive condoms, then people use it more. Plus, there is also a risk of a ‘disadvantage’ eruption. So the risk of spreading incurable sexual incidences like HIV-AIDS is also avoided.

Now researchers are negotiating with mercantile companies to put these types of condoms in the market.

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