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Researchers Made a Self Lubricating Condom That Can Withstand ‘1,000 Thrusts’

For years , Bill Gates, the richest person in the world, has run the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for a long time. This foundation provides a grant of grants for the betterment of people’s lives in any region, anywhere. He also gave a grant to Boston’s University of America. Grant aimed to makeRead More

Weight Loss: How Cardamom Water Helps Lose Weight And Burn Belly Fat

Weight Loss: We tell you why you should include cardamom (elaichi) water in your diet and how to use it to lose weight, the healthy way. Cardamom, otherwise called elaichi, has for some time been a staple in Indian kitchens and is utilized broadly in curries, rice-dishes and treats. TheRead More


What is Protein? What are the different types of proteins?

Protein One of the three macronutrients your body needs to function properly (along with fats and carbohydrates), proteins are primarily important for tissue growth and repair, but also necessary for digestion, metabolism, and the production of antibodies to fight infection. Comprising 10% of your brain and 20% of your heart,Read More