Before the shooting of 'Bond 25', a big setback, will they die Daniel Craig

Before the shooting of ‘Bond 25’, a big setback, will they die Daniel Craig

Waiting for the James Bond series of films keeps the cinema lovers of the whole world. Bond 25 next series of the series is going to be released next year, in which Daniel Craig will be seen in the role of agent 007.

‘Bond 25’ has been gaining headlines for several reasons this time. There were reports that Daniel Craig will not be part of this movie this time. It is being said that Craig has been replaced by Idris Elba. Although Idris has said that he is not playing the role of James Bond. Apart from this, there was a news and the director Danny Boyle refused to direct the film.

However, producer Michael G. Wilson, Barbara Broccoli, and Daniel Craig, while issuing a joint statement, said that due to creative differences, Danny Boyle is no longer directing the film.

Although Danny Boyle left the film, its information is not at the moment. According to the reports, the producers of the film wanted to kill James Bond’s character at the end of the film. However, James Bond’s character did not die in any series that came before.

The shoot of Bond 25 is to begin from December 3, 2018, and the movie will be released in November next year. The film’s screenplay is written by John Hodge.

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